The Discovery of Christmas
By Carson McCullers

Read by Amanda Quaid for Selected Shorts

McCullers turns a shrewd and tender eye on her five-year-old self in the essay “The Discovery of Christmas."   She has a case of scarlet fever, and an unwanted baby sister, but a holiday miracle is waiting for her. 

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That Deep Ocean...
By Ana Candida Carneiro, translated by Stephen Pidcock

Directed by Sarah Montague for Play For Voices
Read by Peter Francis James and Amanda Quaid

A single day in a woman’s life becomes an epic journey of self-discovery. The action shifts between the character’s everyday world, where she's trapped in a dreary job, and an alternative realm, part dreamscape, part subconscious. 

The Scarlet Letter
Studio 360, WNYC

Amanda reads selections from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel for Studio 360's American Icons series.