"Amanda is my go-to accent wizard savior! She has coached me many times on a variety of specific, complicated accents that I had no experience with. She has the super-power combo of having an incredible ear and ability to teach those who don’t. Amanda is the best there is!" - BETTY GILPIN, Emmy nominee, "GLOW


"Amanda is a master with a keen awareness of the performer in front of her. She is a true artist herself and a true artists' teacher. She can access where you are at any given moment and teach accordingly, knowing when pushing is productive and when stillness is necessary. I believe I have landed on a rare gem in Amanda Quaid and I will continue to be a student of hers as long as she will have me." - DOMINIQUE FISHBACK, "The Deuce," "Show Me a Hero"


“Amanda Quaid’s expertise as a dialect couch is a game changer. Not only did she help me find the sixteen accents I needed for my one-woman show, she made the experience an absolute joy!” - MELISSA GILBERT, Emmy nominee for The Miracle Worker


"Amanda is my savior for all dialects for auditions and jobs. And she especially helped me craft my voiceover performance on American Vandal, which helped elevate the show to new levels." - TYLER ALVAREZ, "American Vandal"


"Amanda's dialect coaching should almost be considered 'therapy' to anyone immigrating to NYC. Aside from her flawless technical coaching, Amanda has made me feel completely comfortable auditioning and working in my American accent. I really feel that without 'the gym' I'd still be spending countless hours trying to imitate my American friends with little success. I have grown passionate towards the art of dialect and phonetics and this is all thanks to Amanda's inspiring classes. Thank you." - OLIVIA PHILLIP, Broadway's Frozen


"Amanda has an incomparable knowledge of language and dialect, a wonderful patience and incredible nurturing teaching manner. Not only am I now so much more accurate than I ever have been with my American dialect pronunciation and flow, but thanks to Amanda, I feel in no way inhibited. She helped me access a part of myself that as an actor allows me to still feel authentic when speaking in a dialect that is not my own. I feel fortunate to have found her and grateful for all she's done for my work and career." - MARK EVANS, Broadway's The Play That Goes Wrong, Book of Mormon (US Tour), West End's Wicked


"I'm from Glasgow, and in my audition, I performed in the American accent I've worked on with Amanda. The director read my resume, then looked up and said 'Great. What took you to Scotland?' That is the best compliment I could hope for! I have been going out to meet casting directors and five out of five in the last two weeks assumed that I was American. One said that in her 15 years of casting, it was the best American she had heard from a foreigner.  Another casting director said 'I'm just writing amazing American at the top of your resume.'" -POLLY McKIE, Unsane

“Amanda is simply the best dialect coach I’ve ever worked with, and I’d recommend her to anyone who needs top-notch, precise coaching. During our work on Sense and Sensibility, everyone—even the actual British member of our cast—took valuable notes from Amanda!” — Eric Tucker, Artistic Director, Theater Bedlam